Friday, July 18, 2014

After 5 Months..

Salam and Good Morning,

Malaysia once again digemparkan dengan tragedi MH17 pagi ini. Aku agak ketinggalan pasal berita ni sebab tidur awal semalam. Bangun pagi, lepas sahur macam biasa scroll2 facebook, twitter and insta. Dang!! I saw it! This year stories gonna be in history book someday. Like PM said '' tragedic year for Malaysia". May Allah always bless us.

Ermm. Let's go with the story about after 5 months..

It's been 5 month since I've been working. I mean my first job in my life. My dream is to be an engineer in oil and gas industry but somehow I'm not in that line for my first career ever. At first, memang la harapan tu tinggi but the truth is after graduated about 6 month, and I'm still unemployed then my path changes.

Ya. I take the risk to try and apply other line of job. Luckily, I got it. Being a logistic people is not bad because I knew that they are also very important in oil and gas industry. Without logistic, macam mana people di offshore mau dapat makanan? macam mana dorang mau dapat pipes and other tools for offshore operations? Indeed, logistic people yang akan buat semua tu. Especially in Labuan now.

Since 5 month ago, I keep thinking. Is it the right thing for me to do?? But suprisingly, I'm still here. Work as a logistic people. Of course there are upside and down work in this line. Pressure is always there. Boss , client, supplier and even my colleague gave me headache. My social time with family and friends also limited.  Duhh!! It's very upsetting me.

Now, that ''upsetting'' things became my normal routine.  I just hope all the experience on my first career can bring me forward and be a better person. At the same time, I'm still running towards my dream to become an engineer. Pray for me, friends.  :)

#PrayforMH17  #PrayforMH370


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puteribongsu said...

Salam..kak, ni saya kamsiah, adik aminah. kenal?hehe..actually tengah cari2 cerita orang yg pernah praktikal di petronas, terjumpa pulak blog kakak. Dorang ada ambik budak praktikal ka?Camna ya kalau mau praktikal di situ?