Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the awesomeness for being 22 years old !! again. :)

Sudah 2 dekad aku menyusuri bumi ini. Besar nikmat yang diberikan oleh-Nya. Once again, Im getting older..haha 

Special thanks to mum and dad for taking care of me for this whole life. Thanks to all my sincere friends yang wish dan doakan yang terbaik. I'm very lucky and grateful to have you all. :)

Yeah..i got another big suprise this year. Walaupun dah expect my lovely friends ni mesti akan celebrate, tapi it's still awesome sebab dorang bawa special and big present. malu ok? haha *blushed*

 source gambar : syazwan ruslan

Thank you. Thank you and Thank you. Big heart from me..<3<3<3

Next,present from my bestie. Lovely present from a lovable friend. Thank you. I like that book that so called "kitab terfaktab".  Unik dan menarik. ;)

My special wish for this year : " I hope I'll never lose my great friends and of course I want a better and happening life" :)


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