Thursday, March 13, 2014

What presents that I really want today?


Setelah hampir setahun, aku tergerak hati untuk menulis sesuatu. Abaikan segala post yang tak di update sebelum-sebelum ni. What so special today? Bagi aku hari ini hanyalah seperti hari-hari biasa yang aku jalani. Cuma ada kelebihan sedikit sebab it's my birthday.Yeah, I'm a year older now. 

Usually, people will ask what do you want on your birthday. Then, I'm speechless sebab aku tak dapat fikir pun hadiah apa yang aku nak. Tapi yang peliknya, all day long I always thought about my best-ever-friends. 

Yeah. I do miss them very much today. I almost cried to ''walk'' to the memory lane and suddenly I realized that actually I really want to meet them today. Desperately! Of course I feel grateful to have all my family members around. Still, those 7 people bring a great meaning to my life too for the past 3 years and this friendship impact still remain in my heart until today. I know people changes and everybody got their own life now. Same goes to me. Everyday I met new friends, keep in touch and hang out with old friends. Still, the feeling is not the same. I always hope this 7 people appear in front of me. I still need them. I want to talk to them even that thing is just ''rubbish'' talk. I miss their unique characters. I miss their laugh. I miss the situations when everybody start to debate or fight over something. I miss the pillow talk with the girls. I miss the simple chit chat during our dinner. I miss all the birthday celebrations. I can't do all that things anymore since I have to focus on my responsible to my family now. I have to move on right?

At the end, it's just my hope to see them today. Back to reality, everybody have their own life and journey now. It's very hard to meet in the mean time, but deep inside my heart I want to meet them in the future. InshaAllah. May Allah ease your journey in this world, my friends. May Allah strengthened our friendship forever even though we hardly contacting and meeting with each other. I'm very grateful to have you all in my life. Alhamdulillah. Allah gave me a chance to meet and spend time with these 7 people for almost 3 years.

Dedicated to my beloved friends,

Lan, Wan, Ayie, Kimah, Nomi, Zack, Dayah......Moga korang terus sukses for your future. Hope to see you again ;)


mohd zakri said... sweet yam..rindu gak nk kumpul ramai2 mcm dulu...❤️❤️❤️

mohd mazlan arshad said...

tengah bosan2 keje shift..x tau nk buat apa..buka la post pasal geng jemah...hehe