Thursday, August 26, 2010

birthday on 24th august......

pd 24 august ni..ade la bbrpe kwn aku yg birthday, yg aku nk ckp ni psl my bestie @ siti khairunisah yongle..KHAI, thanx for being born in this world..and thanx for being a super duper good friend and buddy to help me a lot..we knew each other since we at 10 years old..of course there are many happy stories, sad moments and precious times that we've gone through together..i really hope we will still be best friend forever..also hope you will find somebody that love you more than i love that you can live your life happily...

what a happy expression..=)

secara ringkas about my bestfren...
birthday on 24th august 1990..
berasal dari keningau...
purple and white her favourite colour..(hrp x berubah la favourite colour dia..hehe)
now further her study at universiti malaysia pahang..
she can speak english very well..she also understand chinese language..she loves a love song,love story and all about love..hehehe and of course she is a true lovers..=)

dan tidak ketinggalan jgk besday one of the super junior's member..YESUNG OPPA,,..happy i wish i can sing a birthday song in front of him..hehehe he is one of the cutest member beside kibum and donghae..haha below is some detail about yesung..

Yesung (예성/藝 聲)
Real Name: Kim Jongwoon (김종운/金 鐘 雲)
Nickname(s): Cloud (구룸), Dog (from the Zodiac), Rabid Dog (광견; Heechul's nickname for Yesung)
Date of Birth: August 24, 1984
Place of Birth: Chunahn in Southern Choongchung Province (충남 천안) (충청남도 천안)
Height: 178 cm/5' 10.1"
Weight: 64 kg/140.8 lb
Blood Type: AB

p/s: ~happy birthday to amat also..hehe

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ladymuse nysa ♥ said...

aku nda pena tau kau ada post pasal aku..!=) thanx babe!i love you!