Thursday, October 7, 2010

[MV/HD 1080p] Beige ft RyeoWook - Falling In Love With A Friend (친구와 사랑에...


are we friends?
or are we dating?
i'm even more confused about you nowadays
we watch movies
and take walks together
i tell you my deep secrets
we are friends who are closer than lovers
but what should i do
i have a crush on you, baby

suddenly, i like your everything
everything about you
tenderly more tenderly
i will become closer to you
i like all of you
i like everything about you
even if i don't say i love you
please stay with me like this
and promise me forever

i want to confess all my heart like a man
i fear that you will discover my feelings
fear that you will know my heart, baby

there's no friendship between man and woman
i didn't believe it back then
no, even if we become lovers
i will still like a good friend
and listen to you
better than the words 'i love you'

is our sweet feeling
little by little
starting from today
i like all of you
i like everything about you
i will not let go of your hand
instead of saying the words 'i love you'
i will stay beside you forever...

(source subtittle: youtube)

lagu ni sgt best..bukan jak sbb artis kesukaan aku yg nyanyi ( super junior-ryeowook) .hehe .tp lirik lagu ni mmg sgt best..yg aku higlight tu la part yg aku plg suka..(^_^)  oh ya, lagu ni mgkin memberi maksud yg mendalam kpd, aku post bnda ni tnpa mengaitkan sesapa..k? just for my collection dan kpd sesapa yg minat lagu ni jak..hahahahaha hayatilah dan enjoy......

p/s: nasihat amaran kpd yg x minat lagu korea,baik x payah dgr & tengok video ni..hehehe 

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